Expiring Licensing Deals Causes Netflix To Lose Almost 1,800 Streaming Titles, Argh South Park

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As they giveth, they taketh. We know that Netflix is working hard at delivering original content, but that doesn’t mean contracts will stop expiring. Today it was revealed that Netflix will lose almost 1,800 streaming titles by the end of this month. The Verge states that “That number includes 15 seasons of South Park, old horror movies like Audrey Rose, and James Bond classics like Dr. No and GoldfingerAccording to Slate, the drop comes because several licensing deals Netflix has in place with studios like MGM, Warner Bros., and Universal are expiring.”

Now before we all get upset, Netflix points out that this is a part of it all.

The vast majority of the titles that expire on Wednesday are older features that were aggregated by Epix. We recently added many great, more recent titles such as ParaNorman (Universal), Hunger Games (Epix), Safe (Epix) and Bachelorette (Weinstein). Tomorrow we will also add MI:2, among many other titles.

Netflix is a dynamic service, we constantly update the TV shows and movies that are available to our members. We will add more than 500 titles May 1, but we also have titles expiring, this ebb and flow happens all the time.

So what do you think of these expiring deals? Think you’ll miss any of these titles? Let us know!


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