iOS And Android Games To Be Released For Wii U?

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Although the Wii U has plenty of potential, even the most die-hard Nintendo fan surely has to admit that as of this moment, the software line-up for the system is seriously lacking. The promise of titles like Zelda and Mario Kart on the horizon, as well as a playable 3D Mario game at E3 this year may make for an exciting future, but what games are available to play right now?

An unlikely answer may come in the form of iOS ported games, taking advantage of the touch screen Game Controller. A “company source” told the┬áJapan Times that Nintendo is offering “professional-use conversion software” to game developers, so they can easily port their mobile titles onto the struggling console.

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It seems likely that these titles would be available through the eShop, and could provide an interesting source of revenue for Nintendo, as well as filling the potential gaps between major releases on the console. What do you guys think? Does the idea of Angry Birds: Star Wars on the Wii U fill your hearts with joy or dread?

Source: Japan Times

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