Nintendo To Suspend Wii Online Services

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There comes a time in every consoles life when it ceases to be the current trend, and support begins to drop off, in favor of a new flashy next-gen machine. That time will come for the Xbox 360 and for the PS3, but right now it seems that it is the Wii, whose time is coming towards the end.

A number of the online connected Wii ‘channels’ will shortly be discontinued. Whilst this wont effect the gaming experience on the machine or online gaming for those titles that support it, it is a bit of a blow coming so soon after the launch of the Wii U.


Regarding the upcoming suspension of these services, Nintendo released the following statement:

 We at Nintendo sincerely thank you for your continued patronage of our company’s products. We would like to inform you that a portion of the network services offered through the Wii console will be discontinued starting June 28, 2013. We apologize to those of you currently using these services, and ask for your understanding.

Here’s what will be going down on June 28:

•Forecast Channel

•News Channel

•Everybody Votes Channel

•Nintendo Channel

•Check Mii Out Channel

How do you guys feel about this? Is it necessary? Did any of you ever use these services more than once? Let us know if you are (or were!) a regular user of the Check Mii Out Channel!

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