XCOM: Enemy Unknown Heading To iOS [VIDEO]

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Whilst the first person shooter version of XCOM remains languishing in development hell, its turn based strategy counterpart was released last year to pretty impressive reviews across the board. Now, the games developer Firaxis has confirmed that it is working on porting the game across to iOS devices.

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The developer has stated that the iPhone/iPad version will be an exact port of the title that hit PS3, Xbox 360 and PC last year, aside from having a few less maps (in-game DLC?) and being re-worked to function with touch and gesture based controls. This can only be a good thing, as although virtual sticks and the like will always mean action titles work better on dedicated games machines than on these devices, turn based strategy is a genre that really sings on touch-based interfaces. Of course this version of XCOM is pretty closely based around the original PC, PSOne and Amiga hit of the mid 90’s.

Firaxis also told Kotaku who have seen the game in action at PAX East that the iPhone version will be different in terms of UI to the iPad version, due to the difference in screen real estate. No news yet on firm release date or pricing, but as iOS games are usually only announced close to release you can expect it soon, probably at an estimated price of between $5-$10. Whatever the cost however it is very likely to be cheaper than its console brethren, meaning a great deal for Apple gamers.

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