Krieg Is Borderlands 2 Sixth Playable Character, Coming In May [TRAILER]

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Gearbox has announced that a brand new vault hunter is coming to Borderlands 2 this May. The Psycho Pack will be available in May for $9.99 (800 Microsoft points) and introduces Krieg, the new Psycho Bandit character class.


Wielding a buzz axe and harnessing his psychotic multiple personalities, Krieg is a badass melee mauler with ranged attack capabilities that can rip foes to shreds with his deadly Buzz Axe Rampage action skill. Players can stack combat bonuses with Krieg’s Bloodlust skill tree, live on the edge of insanity with the Mania tree, or engulf both enemies and yourself in flames with the Hellborn tree.

Here’s the full skinny on Krieg:

  • An all-new character class in Borderlands 2 via the Psycho Pack.
  • Krieg is the sixth playable character class in Borderlands 2.
  • The Psycho Pack (aka Krieg the Psycho) will be available for purchase in May.
  • The Psycho Pack will cost $9.99 (800 MS Points).
  • Krieg is based on a popular enemy-type found throughout Borderlands 2.
  • Design goal was to “capture the crazy” and reverse negatives into positives with aggressive, high-risk-high-reward gameplay that provides players with abilities they’ve seen enemies wield.
  • Action Skill: Buzz Axe Rampage.
  • Skill Trees: Bloodlust, Mania, Hellborn.
  • Bloodlust Tree: All about stack accumulation, kill skills and constantly dealing damage.

Example Skill: Blood Bath: Kill Skill. Killing an enemy with a grenade or explosion increases Weapon Damage for each stack of Bloodlust. Any enemy killed this way has a greater chance to drop grenade ammo.

Now check out Krieg in action.

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