Google Shows The Softer Side With New Nexus 10 Ad … Alfie Or Kevin [VIDEO]

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Lately Google has been nailing their ads, and their latest Nexus 10 advertisement continues that trend. For those loving the softer side, this video will suit you perfectly. Matter of fact, it’ll likely suit everyone just right.


The video highlights how two expecting parents use the Nexus 10 to help with solutions for the new baby. Names, parenting books, and films are highlighted as easily accessible items from the Nexus 10. Of the different options though, choosing the name took the spotlight – with one parent wanting the name to be Alfie, and the other wanting the name to be Kevin. How they choose the right name is waiting for you below in the video.

Have a look and let us know what you think!

A couple expecting a baby gets ready for the new arrival while sharing their Nexus 10. Shop now at

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