Samsung’s Galaxy Series Approach Continues To Gain Ground On Apple

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Samsung just recently announced the Galaxy S 4, and with that comes added pressure to Apple and the iPhone in terms of sales. According to a recent report from Raymond James on Barron’s, “iPhone shipments since 2010 (when Samsung launched the Galaxy line) still dwarf Galaxy sales, but Samsung is closing the gap.”

Now we all know that this is a little unfair to Apple considering the amount of carriers each has respectively, as well as the fact that Samsung has phablets in the number. However, Samsung cannot be ignored. There series of Galaxy devices and follow-ups are moving pretty rapidly in terms of sales (as the charts will indicate), and that has to be a concern for Apple.

Have a look at the charts and tell us what you think! Oh, and Apple … well they’re still the King … for now!

samsung_apple2 samsung_apple1 samsung_apple

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