THIEF Coming To Next-Gen Consoles And High End PCs In 2014

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After being rumored for quite some time, Square Enix has finally confirmed that Thief will be coming to next generation consoles and high-end PCs in 2014. This new Thief is a complete reinvention for the franchise, something that we are sure will have fans split.thief-logo

Time has moved on. Power has shifted. New greed replaces the old.

But to remain free in the city of chains – that is still the greatest prize.

First I stole to survive… then I survived to steal.

I am one man; I hear your secrets, see your hidden truths.

I am the shadows, the dark and deadly, the velvet night. You will not see me coming.

I am Garrett….What’s yours is mine.

Thief is a first person adventure game starring Garret, a master thief. There is a rising tide of fear in The City. Hatred saturates every stone and whilst the rich prosper, the less fortunate face misery and repression. Ravaged with sickness and famine, they wait for something to change.

In Thief, players will have the freedom to choose their path through the game’s levels and how they approach and overcome each challenge. This will probably remind players very much of Dishonored, at least initially. Anyone who played the original knows that while it may share some characteristics with that game, Thief is something all its own.


We don’t have much more info about the game right now but be sure to stay tuned to ZoKnowsGaming for much more coverage as it develops. Thief is being developed by Eidos Montreal, most recently known for the very solid Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you want to check some screenshots of the game, go over to All Games Beta and check out some screen grabs they pulled from the last issue of GameInformer.

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