NBA 2K13 MyTeam All Value Squad

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So even though NBA 2K13 has been out for a while now, we still get a lot of folks searching for info on the game, especially the MyTeam component. We’ve given you tips on what we think it takes to compete at the mode and now we wanted to do something a little different.


Folks often share their MyTeam lineups with us and we give them feedback on what they can do to improve it. More and more though, we are getting questions from folks who are brand new to the mode, either they just bought the game or were busy playing MyCareer or Association and are just now digging into the mode. When you first start MyTeam, you won’t have that much VC so you have to get creative. We wanted to share with you what we are calling our NBA 2K13 MyTeam All Value Squad, this is a list of players at each position that cost less than 500 VC each as of the writing of this post. These players will allow you to put a competitive squad on the court without having to spend tons of VC.

This squad should get you through the first few rounds but you’ll need to acquire VC to get better players, because it gets to a point where these guys peak and there will just be too much talent. Don’t panic when you come up against a team that may look just like yours except with a superstar like Lebron James, Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony. Remember to play them just like you would any other player and focus on playing good team defense. The problem with teams like this that have one superstar is that they over compensate by using them too much, which either gets them in foul trouble or causes them to get tired quickly and go to the bench. Play your game and don’t worry too much about that single superstar. We detailed exactly what you will want to do to be competitive in our original strategy guide.

Enough talking though, you want to know who the players are right? Alright, here’s our NBA 2K13 MyTeam All Value Squad.

PG– I’m not going to lie, there isn’t a lot of really good value here but there is some. To guys I really like are Ish Smith and Tyshawn Taylor. They both have good size, they can shoot and are great perimeter defenders with solid athleticism. Taylor would start and Smith would back up. Patty Mills is a nice 3 pt shooter if you want a third PG option.

SG– There is not tons of depth in terms of value at the two guard spot either, but there is some. I’d suggest picking up Terrance Ross and Marshon Brooks. Both of these guys have excellent size and athleticism. They are also jump shooters which will be a great assets, though they can also drive to the whole and finish without issue. I’d start Brooks and have Ross backup.

SF– Here is where we finally start to see some real depth. There are tons of guys in this spot that are a solid value in terms of their overall skill level vs their cost. My top choices here are Josh Childress, Harrison Barnes, Marvin Williams, and Gerald Green. For my money, I’d probably start Barnes and then back him up with one of the other guys, probably Childress though if you like to aggressively attack the rim then Gerald Green would be the better choice.

PF– The value is again here and yours for the taking. At the PF, you need someone that can rebound, play solid inside defense and score under the rim. At this spot, I like Thomas Robinson, John Henson, Kris Humphries, and Dontas Motiejunas. In relation to overall skill, Humphries probably gets the start, but then you are solid backing him up with either Robinson or Motiejunas. Don’t worry about the fact that you don’t know who Montiejunas is, the guy is a beast. He’s a legitimate 7 footer  that can rebound, score, and shoot from inside of 15 ft. Humphries with Motiejunas backing him up is a good move and I’d grab Thomas Robinson just because he’s cheap and undervalued right now can can play the 3, 4, or 5.

C– Again, we see tons of value at the 5 spot. To round out your lineup, I like Timothy Mozgov, Daniel Orton, Enes Kanter, Desagana Diop and Cole Aldrich. None of these guys will wow you but they are all solid rebounders and inside defenders. I’d start Mozgov and back him up with Kanter. Here’s a secret though, I usually use C/PF interchangeably since the skill sets are very similar, so you could pick up Mozgov and then back him up with one of the PF’s from the list above and run it that way. That’s actually not a bad idea at all, it will definitely give you more overall athleticism in the frontcourt.

Alright folks, that’s all I got for you this time. The names on this list should help you remain competitive as you start your MyTeam and augmented with some of the cards you’ll pick up for moving through seeds, buying packs and buying solid players here and there as you get more VC will put you in a position to keep progressing through the seeds. This list isn’t at all definitive and I welcome folks sharing their value picks with everyone in the comments. Hope this list helps you get your start in NBA 2K13 MyTeam off to a great start.

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