Nintendo Direct Round-Up – New Games Aplenty!

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Every few months, a Nintendo Direct web conference feeds us new info about upcoming games and features for the Big N’s consoles, the 3DS and Wii U. These conferences range from the megaton announcements of the previous conference last month (Zelda on Wii U, Mario Kart and 3D Mario playable at E3) to the pretty dull, witnessing 10 minutes of multiplayer Kid Icarus footage and some eShop games in the conference around this time last year.

The Nintendo Direct that broadcast this past Thursday fell into the middle ground of those two camps, with some nice 3DS surprises coming off the back of the Wii U love recently. Join us as we bring you a round-up of all the news for your favorite Nintendo platforms.

donkey kong country

Firstly, Nintendo is branding 2013 as ‘The Year of Luigi’ due to the often neglected brother featuring in several new titles throughout the year. The first of these to see release will be Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, for which several new game modes were announced for the games release on March 24th. In addition to the multiplayer Hunter Mode previously revealed, the game will also contain a Rush Mode, where players work together to escape floors of the mansion in a set time limit, and Polterpup Mode, in which you must search for hidden ghost dogs.

The second game to feature Luigi is the brand-new Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, which was announced for the first time during the conference. The latest in a long line of pseudo RPG’s featuring the Mario brothers, this one happens to be set in Luigi’s dream world, and will be out at some point this summer.


Another new 3DS game featuring Luigi which was announced during the conference is Mario Golf: World Tour. Again this is the latest in a long series of titles that began on the N64, and will be developed by Camelot studios who have a fine pedigree in Mario sports games. Again this one will be out in the summer.

There was one further big name 3DS title confirmed which doesn’t feature Luigi, but instead stars a Nintendo character which dates from even further back, Donkey Kong. A port of the 2010 Wii platformer Donkey Kong Country Returns is being prepped for release on the handheld format. A video and screenshots of the game were shown off and look very impressive, seemingly backing up conjecture that the 3DS is effectively a handheld Wii in terms of its power.

In addition to these impressive new titles, Nintendo showed off a raft of other stuff, including a Lego City Stories game on 3DS, new DLC for Super Mario Bros U which is based around Luigi, and new downloadable titles and demos for both Wii U and 3DS. Nintendo does seem to be going from strength to strength as far as their catalog is concerned, at least on 3DS. Their Wii U offerings do need a little more work, but the previous Nintendo Direct conference seemed to offer hope for the new machine, whilst this one was all about building on the success of the 3DS.

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