Paul Walker To Star In Hitman Movie Reboot, To Be Titled Agent 47

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Movies based on video games are nothing new, but they are pretty much universally terrible. Probably the only half decent video game adaptations have been Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, and even then neither series could be described as a stellar silver screen experience. Whilst we all await the Uncharted movie with bated breath as it arguably has the most potential of any franchise, in the meantime details of a reboot Hitman movie have been announced.

The movie will apparently be titled Agent 47, and will star Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker (presumably after a speedy head shave). According to movie website Deadline, the films writers will be Skip Woods and Michael Finch who were behind A Good Day to Die Hard and the director will be Aleksander Bach.

paul walker1

The latter name may well be unfamiliar to you, as he is better known for his commercial work and has yet to helm a major feature film. This news seems like a mixture of exciting and somewhat underwhelming information, and it seems likely the final result will be another ‘good enough’ release that will appeal to gamers and pretty much no-one else. Until we finally get that illusive large budget AAA video game movie however, this seems about as good as we will get, so are you looking forward to the barcode assassins further celluloid adventures?

Source: Deadline

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