Earn Double Your XP On Valentines Day! (In Battlefield 3…)

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So who said that Valentines Day was just for couples? OK – I guess everybody, all of the time. But that being the case, those of us unlucky enough to be singletons at this romantic time of year can just spoil themselves rotten by staying in all day with Battlefield 3.

DICE has announced a double XP session to last from 2AM PST on the 14th to 2AM on the 15th. After that time you will be alone with only your new-found sense of worthlessness. Oh, and double the XP that you would have earned beforehand of course!

battlefield 3 aftermath epicentre screenshot 1

To qualify for this promotion you will need to be a Battlefield 3 Premium member, but it does apply across all maps and game modes. So any of you guys planning a session to take advantage? Of course some gamers happen to have found loving partners who also enjoy a bit of FPS action (lucky so and so’s!) so could your ideal Valentines night be spent with your partner, some wine, a nice meal and a heavy night of fragging? Let us know below!

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