New Tomb Raider Won’t Be On Wii U, Here’s Why

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The Wii U has continued to experience mixed fortunes of late. Some exciting first party announcements recently haven’t quite been enough to stave off worries originating from a severe lack of third-party interest at this point in the consoles life.

We have already heard about why multi-format titles like Crysis 3 and Bioshock: Infinite wont be coming to a Nintendo console any time soon, and we can also add Tomb Raider to that ever-growing list.tomb raider reboot dec 2012 5 550x309

In a video interview with website TrueGaming, the Creative Director of Crystal Dynamics spoke of why the reboot wont be coming to Wii U. “I’m always a fan of the Nintendo systems, in particular they really push interface design, and from a game design perspective it’s fun to play with new interfaces. Having said that, it’s something that I think we would want to tailor the experience to if we were going to do it” he said. “All three [other console and PC versions] are really trying to deliver roughly the same experience, but delivered best on each platform, and I think something like the Wii U often asks you to do something unique based on a unique interface. That’s something as a gamer I love, but it’s something you don’t want to do half-heartedly as a developer.”

Was Tomb Raider something you were dying to play on Wii U? Does the system even need third-party games, or will the likes of Mario, Zelda and Metroid be enough to carry it? Personally I have come to regard Nintendo as ‘the other’ gaming platform that you own just for its exclusives – what do you guys think?

Source: TrueGaming

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