PlayStation Plus – February Content Includes Free Sleeping Dogs

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Free Content, yes please!

PlayStation Plus members are in for a treat this February, with the European PS Blog dropping all the details on what games are coming to the Instant Game Collection. Among the titles that will drop on February 6 will be surprise hit Sleeping Dogs, which caused quite the stir when it released last year.

The second title is Codemaster’s F1 Race Stars, which gives gamers a karting experience with the Formula 1 template. The third and final title for the PlayStation 3 is Quantum Conundrum, a puzzle-game developed by Portal co-creator Kim Swift, so you just know it will be ridiculously hard!

February 13 will bring Vita title WipEout 2048 and February 20 will add other Vita title in Lumines: Electronic Symphony to the Instant Game Collection. You can check out the full details below:

Leaving the Plus Service in February:

  • 6th February: BioShock 2
  • 6th February: Ratchet and Clank All 4 One
  • 6th February: Cubixx HD
  • 13th February: Jet Set Radio
  • 20th February: Pinball Arcade

Entering the Plus Service in February:

  • 6th February: Sleeping Dogs
  • 6th February: Quantum Conundrum
  • 6th February: F1 Race Stars
  • 13th February: WipEout 2048
  • 20th February: Lumines Electronic Symphony

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