New Mass Effect 3 DLC In the Works

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Mass Effect 3 released just shy of a year ago now, but that doesn’t mean BioWare is done with it. Casey Hudson and Mike Gamble, the Executive Producer and Producer of Mass Effect respectively, posted two new pictures on Twitter. One a lively street scene of a casino featuring all those neon colors. The other, a Krogan smashing a giant hammer. Teeny arms, giant hammer.

me3 1 550x309

DLC cometh? Yes, according to a follow-up Twitter post by Gamble to Reid Buckmaster, the Quality Assurance Associate Team lead. New DLC for Mass Effect is in production.

Sam Hulick, famed soundtrack creator for Mass Effect, Red Orchestra 2, and the recently released edition of Baldur’s Gate is also hard at work.

No indication of a release date has been specified.

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