Kids Re-Enact Call Of Duty, Police Raid House

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Take care when playing Call of Duty soldiers!

Another weird but hilarious story to bring you comrades, this time from the ever entertaining world that is Call of Duty. While many of us just get down to business on the battlefield, teens(squeakers, as the community calls them) on the other hand do go out of control and allow themselves to get caught in the moment, like a group of young gamers from Sweden did recently.

Swedish site The Local (via Kotaku) reported about a group of teens who were innocently┬áplaying the PC version of Call Of Duty together one day, until one of the gamers decided to try mimic what it was like to get attacked in-game, proceeding to jump on the floor shouting “HELP, HELP!” as loud as possible. Unfortunately for him, passers-by heard the ruckus and rang the police fearing someone was getting murdered.

Less than 10-minutes later, 10 well-equipped Swedish police officers raided the flat where the teens were having a blast, ordering them to put their hands up and leave the premises and lay on the ground outside. Shortly after the gamers explained the situation and how it was a massive misunderstanding, allowing them to return to their game a little more traumatized than before.

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