Gears Of War: Judgment Demo Incoming – But Not For A While

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There are a ton of hot games due out over the next three or four months, probably more than even we can keep up with. In addition to multi-platform titles like Bioshock: Infinite and GTA V, Sony gamers can look forward to God of War: Ascension and then The Last of Us a couple of months later. Xbox fans on the other hand have the fantastic looking Gears of War prequel to look forward to.

gears of war judgement

Gears of War:¬†Judgment launches on March 19th in the US and three days later in Europe. Usually in these circumstances you would be able to look forward to a demo of the game coming out a few weeks beforehand so you can Judge (see what we did there?) the game for yourself. Although in this case there will be a demo for the game, but it won’t be available until the day the game drops in the U.S. on March 19th.

So European gamers will at least be able to check out the game a couple of days before they plonk down their cash, whereas if you wanted to play the demo before launch day in the US it seems your out of luck. Either way the chances of the game being a disappointment are pretty low, so it just seems we will all need to wait for a couple of months to get our Gears of War fix.

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