Google Has 5 Of The Top 6 Mobile Apps In The U.S. Market, Facebook Leads The Way

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We almost let this news get by, but that would be such a disservice to Google. Earlier this week, the latest comScore Mobile Metrix ranking of the top mobile apps was released. While Google (Google Maps) fell from the number 1 spot to Facebook, they still managed to take 5 of the top 6 spots on both iOS and Android platforms.

comScore states, “Of course Apple’s decision to replace Google Maps with Apple Maps on iOS 6 also caused a decline in Google Maps usage in October, which is largely responsible for the position swap. Meanwhile, Google Maps has been clawing its way back the past few months after getting reinstated on iOS 6, so look for the competition for the #1 spot to heat up as we head into 2013.”

Have a look at the chart below and let us know what you think! Apple did manage to sneak iTunes on there.


Source [comScore]

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