Nintendo 3DS Exceeds 10 Million Sales In Japan

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The Nintendo 3DS handheld has reached 10 million sales in the island of nearly 130 million, Japan (hint: that’s one in thirteen). Nintendo, according to Famitsu, has shifted over 10,068,000 units. A stunning achievement made even more spectacular by Nintendo’s recent announcement of Pokemon X and Y.

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Taking the World by Storm

What’s making up the sales that have pushed the system past the lifetime sales for the PS3? Animal Crossing: New Leaf is likely to blame, having surpassed 2 million sales alone in December. New Leaf was released to the land of the rising sun November, 2012. Yet to reach foreign soil, many fans are waiting on bated breath for this little gem (that surely will return the Animal Crossing addiction of years passed). The various Mario game incarnations are responsible for nearly 6.5 million game sales.  Of certain importance is Monster Hunter Tri, having sold over 1.7 million copies alone and receiving a sequel this summer on Nintendo’s increasingly popular system. Which begs the question, where’s our Tri and New Leaf Nintendo?

DS backwards compatibility and Nintendo’s burgeoning E-Shop allows for one of the most expansive caches of gaming brilliance known to man. Despite the relatively young age of the system, I can only see it going even higher places.

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