Notre Dame And Oregon Sit Atop First Round Of NCAA 14 Cover Vote

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The first round of voting for the NCAA 14 cover is almost over and Notre Dame and Oregon currently lead all schools. Other favorites such as Alabama, Michigan and LSU also currently sit above the cut line, in addition to a few surprise teams like Clemson, Army and Navy. All isn’t lost though as fans of other teams still have a chance to pull off a comeback, as voting on the first round will continue through Monday. South Carolina, USC, Virginia Tech and others are still under 500 votes behind, and Boise State is currently less than 300 votes away from playing spoiler once more. Teams advancing to the second round of the Cover Vote will be announced on Facebook at halftime of the BCS National Championship Game on Monday, January 7th.ncaa-14-cover-vote-map

Here’s the full list of the 32 schools currently primed to enter the next round.



1. Notre Dame 17. Alabama
2. Oregon 18. TCU
3. LSU 19. Miami
4. Ohio State 20. Utah
5. Texas A&M 21. Georgia
6. Nebraska 22. Oklahoma
7. Michigan 23. Missouri
8. Kansas State 24. Oregon State
9. Stanford 25. Georgia Tech
10. Penn State 26. Arkansas
11. Florida State 27. Iowa
12. West Virginia 28. Texas
13. Florida 29. Tennessee
14. Kentucky 30. Navy
15. Clemson 31. BYU
16. Wisconsin 32. Army

There’s still time to vote, so head over to the NCAA Football Facebook page now to support your school! My Georgia Bulldogs have some work to do but we are still in it.

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