Black Ops II – Revolution Map Pack DLC Leaked

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The first batch of downloadable content for shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops II has been leaked on Reddit recently. A picture that surfaced on the site seems to show the poster for the upcoming map pack titled Revolution, which is scheduled to release on January 29th for Xbox 360 first.

black ops II revolution map pack 3

Some new content on the way!

The map pack will consist of four Multiplayer maps called Grind, Hydro, Downhill and Mirage which looks to be set sometime in the past. A Zombie map named Die Rise will also featureĀ and by the poster looks to be set in an unknown city ravaged by the undead horde. If this map will follow the same lines of the game’s TranZit mode is not known at this time however.

The poster also mentions a bonus weapon to be included with the Revolution map pack, the gun named Peacekeeper SMG is most likely an add-on for Season Pass holders with no word if it’s attached to normal multiplayer or the game’s Zombies mode.

Although Activision hasn’t officially announced the map pack, its arrival at GameStop stores make it hard to fake. Now we just have to wait for some more info, until then check out the images and let us know what you think in the section below.

black ops II revolution map pack 1 73x55black ops II revolution map pack 2 73x55black ops II revolution map pack 3 73x55
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