Battlefield 3 Premium – Double XP Coming January 1st

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With the cheer finally extinguished and beer finally consumed (maybe), the new year might come as a major downer for some. If you happen to be a Battlefield 3 Premium member however, then the beginning of 2013 will be more than enjoyable, with members receiving some Double XP from January 1, 2013.


Are you a Premium member?

The news broke on the Battlefield 3 Facebook page, which read, “Ring in the new year playing the new Aftermath expansion while scoring Double XP! All Battlefield 3 Premium members will get double XP across all ranked maps and modes!”

What makes this Double XP event even better is that it will run for 144 hours, so you have no excuse to miss it. You can check out the start times for the Battlefield 3 Premium Double XP event below.

  • Los Angeles 1AM January 1
  • Stockholm 10AM January 1
  • Paris 10AM January 1
  • New York 4AM January 1
  • Tokyo 6PM January 1
  • Moscow 1PM January 1

Premium members across all platforms can also avail of the Aftermath expansion, the perfect battleground to rake in that XP no doubt. Make sure to let us know in the comment section below how Aftermath is for you so far, so us non-Premium members know what we have in store!

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