The Best Video Game Trailers Of 2012 [VIDEO]

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Trailers trailers TRAILERS!!

Trailers trailers TRAILERS!!

When it comes to the end of a calendar year I always look back at the twelve months with a great sense of pride, from a gaming standpoint of course. Each year the industry gets more and more creative with the games developed and the marketing that goes along with its release.

One great way to show off a new title is with an explosive trailer, either cinematic or gameplay driven, they really get the eyes glued to the screen. This year saw some quite spectacular trailers, be they action-packed, live-action, on the story-telling side or just downright beautiful.

With such an expansive set of trailers to choose from, why not throw together what we here at ZoKnowsGaming think are the best video game trailers of 2012. So if you have some time to spare, why not sit back and check them out.

Mass Effect 3 – Take Earth Back

Mass Effect 3 was always going to end up on the shelf alongside my other great games, so this trailer didn’t need to spur me to buy the game. I’m sure it did persuade a few non-believers into picking it up however.

It’s take on earth having a seriously bad day, with some breath-taking visuals really got you excited for what was to come and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

FIFA 13 – E3 First Gameplay Trailer

Like most of the population on this fine planet, I’m a massive football fan and always indulge in the great footie games on offer each year and none of them come any bigger than FIFA.

The trailer’s for the series do a very good job of showing off the great new features on offer with the newest release. 2012 saw FIFA 13 really bring some fire power to the party, with great new game mechanics and not too shabby visuals.

So yea…. Buy FIFA 13!

Grand Theft Auto V – Official Trailer #2

Instead of just finding out the trailer existed I actually sat down and waited for this bad boy to drop on the web, that’s what excitement does to a person. It wasn’t in vain thankfully as this trailer was epic, which I expected and amazingly is made of mostly in-game footage.

With the promise of three playable characters, a gigantic map and dogs … I’ll let that sink in … this is one title that will be on everyone’s wish list.

Metro: Last Night – Enter The Metro (Live-Action)

I know this might not fall under the category of trailer, but I don’t plan on doing a “Best Short Films of 2012” piece in the future and thought this little gem deserved its place. Metro: Last Light looks terrifying, darkness and post-apocalyptic wastelands give off a quite morbid mood, just as much as how it came to be, which Enter The Metro shows so well.

From the sounds of the “uh oh” siren to the doors closing, you begin to ask yourself why a full-feature film hasn’t been made yet! Definitely picking  this one up! If you wish to see the behind the scenes video also released for Enter The Metro, you can do so here.

Hitman Absolution – Attack of the Saints Trailer

I don’t really think this trailer needs an explanation on how awesome it is… Do you?

Dishonored – Debut Trailer

When I first played Dishonored I was surprised at how different it was from other titles in the genre. From prisoner to executioner, the transition is impressive.

The debut trailer for the game gets the story-arc straight out from the start, leaving the rest for some gory action … Nice!

Assassin’s Creed III – E3 Official Trailer

My pick of the bunch….

Ubisoft really pushed out some epic games this year, but Assassin’s Creed III was always going to be the one I had my eyes on. The American setting was always one I hoped for and when the trailer dropped at this year’s E3 event, it started to sink in nicely.

The blend of music and action fit well and intensifies more and more the closer Connor gets to his target, which he does in his usual stylish fashion. The sad thing about such greatly crafted trailers is the lack of excitement you feel watching it compared to what you feel playing it.

What other trailers do you think rocked in 2012? Let us know in the comment section below and make sure to check out our Facebook page for more of today’s gaming news.

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