God Of War’s Kratos Was Going To Be Blue, Thank Diablo II That He Isn’t

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We always love these little factoids and in fact we wish that developers shared more of this type of stuff. David Jaffe, director on the first God Of War, shared a great bit of insight about how Kratos ended up with his final look. As a little known fact, Jaffe revealed that through nearly the entire development process, Kratos had blue stripes. Then, just a few days before they announced the game, one of the developers on the team pointed out the fact that Kratos looked eerily similar to the Barbarian from Diablo II. Jaffe said, “I had played Diablo I but never II, and this was sure news to me,” so they decided to change it, “lickity f***in’ split!”kratos blue 423x400

So there you have it folks, Kratos was this close to being blue. Honestly, I think this was one of the best last-minute changes in the history of gaming, I couldn’t imagine Kratos having anything but those red stripes. Those fire-red stripes capture all his rage, remind us of all the bloodshed, its perfect. Could you imagine Kratos being any other color, hit up the comments and let us know.

Source: David Jaffe Blog

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