No Call Of Duty Movie In The Works Says Activision CEO

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No movie in the works!

You may be asking yourself why a Call of Duty movie has yet to get its turn in the spotlight, in an era where everyone is making films about everything. Finally an explanation has reared its head, with¬†Activision CEO Bobby Kotick stating that no movie is in the pipeline out of fear it will¬†“taint the brand”.

Kotick made the comments in a profile for The New York Times, with him revealing that more than one movie studio has approached the CEO offering to make the Call of Duty movie, but he has refused to let up and agree to an offer.

He may be right, us gamers have seen some bad game-to-film adaptations in our lifetime, some that barely scrape the surface of, “yeah, that was a good watch”. You can’t help but think it will still happen sometime down the line, maybe when the series is ready to bow out.

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