Square Enix Reveals Sleeping Dogs ‘Zodiac Tournament’ DLC

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Get your Chan on!

Fans of sandbox title Sleeping Dogs can look forward to some more Hong Kong kung-fu style action coming their way this month. Square Enix has revealed the ‘Zodiac Tournament’ DLC which will be available for gamers from December 18. The DLC will differ from the ‘Nightmare at North Point’ DLC, with it accessible from the main game at any time.

The content will be based heavily on hand-to-hand combat, with the game alerting you if you lack the recommended character skill level, however the DLC will still be accessible, it will just be extra hard to complete.

The DLC will follow super cop Wei Shen as he’s invited to fight in a martial arts tournament being held on an offshore island. Shen and other top class martial arts fighters will fight it out for fame and fortune, while the rich and powerful watch on.

Gameplay will see you fight through columns of enemies in different arenas, similar to the martial arts fight clubs seen in the main game. After each set of henchmen, Wei will then need to take down a more talented fighter, with the chance of bagging a brand new move if victorious.

So mark December 18 in your calendar and check out the killer screenshots below to get you in the fighting mode! WA-CHA!!

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