Assassin’s Creed Series Could Be Heading For Brazil

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Will Brazil be blessed with an Assassin?

Now that the trials and tribulations of Assassin’s Creed III are set in stone, we once again wait patiently for info on the next installment in the series to rear its head. Apparently the wait isn’t long, with Ubisoft Brazil managing director Bertrand Chaverot dropping the game’s next location as the expansive country of Brazil.

He made the comments while talking to Portuguese website TechTudo recently and with the help of some nifty translating skills from the guys at Gamespot, revealed that South America is the next continent for are yet unannounced game.

This year’s title Assassin’s Creed III included a mission set in the South American country, so will only help feed the speculation. At this time though it’s just that, speculation, so take it with a nice pinch of salt before you go getting over-excited.

What do you think? Is Brazil a good location for the Assassin’s Creed series? Let us know in the comment section below.

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