T-Mobile iPhone Launch Confirmed For Next Year (2013) … What Are Your Plans?

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It’s been more than five years since the first iPhone was launched, and while we’ve all wondered when T-Mobile would officially carry the device, Thursday the announcement was made without much fanfare. Stated simply as, “In addition, T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013”, the announcement seemed more like an afterthought.

Despite the soft announcement, T-Mobile will likely launch the next unannounced iPhone, and that should sustain/increase T-Mobile’s subscribers. Speaking to Reuters on Friday, T-Mobile USA Chief Executive John Legere forecasted that “The Apple deal for its T-Mobile USA unit should help entice customers seeking iPhones away from other providers and mean a return to growth in subscriptions by the end of 2013.” Stating that, “It is an aggressive target but we think it is possible.”

To add to the iPhone spectacle and change at T-Mobile, Legere also told reporters that T-Mobile plans on selling the iPhone much differently than other carriers. We’re all expecting T-Mobile to do away with subsidize plans, but that could just be the beginning stages of the change. Legere states, “When this device rolls out I can only tell you it will be a dramatically different experience, and I can only tell you that of all the reports that have been written about what’s going to happen when it comes out, they’re all wrong.”

So with all the T-Mobile announcements and reports (some to be finalized), how likely are you to switch from your current carrier to T-Mobile once the iPhone lands? Do you think the CEO is right in thinking this will stop the mass exodus? Hit up the comments and let us know! There will be a T-Mobile iPhone.

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