Google Apps Earned $1 Billion From Small Businesses And Governments So Far This Year

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Google’s portfolio is getting bigger by the minute it seems, but surely that’s not the only thing that the search giant wants to get bigger. More important to Google, as it would seem, is the revenue that each of its’ businesses make. And if recent reports to The Wall Street Journal are accurate, Google is likely very impressed with their offering of Google Apps and mapping software to businesses and governments.

According to the WSJ, “Over the past year Google generated around $1 billion from the sale of Google Apps and separate mapping software to businesses and governments, said people familiar with the matter. Google said more than five million businesses use Google Apps, though the vast majority have fewer than 10 users and thus use the free version. In total, Google has said more than 40 million people use the free and paid versions of Google Apps.”

Pretty impressive, especially considering how much Google has changed their approach to their service offerings.

Google has made other moves to generate revenue from businesses that used its services for free. Last year, Google began charging businesses such as mobile app makers that access Google Maps more than 25,000 times per day. This year, Google began charging retailers seeking to be included in its Google Shopping service.

So there you have it. Did you really expect anything else? For more information, visit The Wall Street Journal.

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