Black Ops II Zombies – Where All The Perks At?

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Black Ops II Zombie Perks are all the rage!

After being so generous and writing up on how to turn the power on in Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies, I though to myself, why stop there! Turning on the power is just the tip of the iceberg of things you can do in the expansive TranZit map the mode offers, with plenty of other trinkets available in-game to prolong your character’s lifespan.

One such helping hand is the many Perk machines littered around the map, these machines, ranging from different colors and effects, boost one or more of the player’s attributes, be it your stamina, reload speed and so on.

To make sure we all know the what, where and how-to, I have compiled a list of everything you need to know to get to those trusty Perk machines and get yourself into those higher rounds!

If you don’t want to know any secrets or Easter eggs in Black Ops II Zombies, be wary of what lies below.

Quick Revive


Need a little Revive?

The Quick Revive perk in Black Ops II: Zombies serves as a helper for those ‘down on their luck’ teammates who just keep getting … well … downed. The perk when bought allows you to revive your team mates quicker than the basic revival speed, 3x times faster to be exact.

This perk becomes a must have in the latter rounds when the zombie hordes pack more of a punch. While playing solo be wary though, this perk can only be bought 3 times, after which it will disappear from the map.


  • TranZit Mode – Inside the Bus Depot beside door (Starting point)
  • Town/Survival – Second floor of bar, near mystery box
  • Farm/Survival – Outside, in front of the Barn


  • 1500 points

It’s actually possible to unlock an Easter egg that will give the player permanent Quick Revive. All the player has to do is revive a teammate 14 times and a noise will confirm you’ve unlocked the perma-version of the Perk. It will also carry on to your next game and so on, thus making the perk machine somewhat redundant.

If you want to go a step further however, you can buy Quick Revive with the perma-version enabled and have nearly instant revives, something the community has shown their distaste towards!

Stamin-Up Perk


Don’t let LMG’s slow you down!

Stamin-Up is a favorite within the Black Ops Zombies community since its addition. The Perk gives the gamer two effects for the price of just one bottle – why thank you Treyarch!

When purchased you will receive double the amount of sprint endurance – similar to the multiplayer mode Perk – with the other similar to the Lightweight Perk seen in multiplayer, but instead of making you faster, it makes your weapon lighter.

This comes in rather handy when you have a heavy gun like a Light-Machine guns, Sniper Rifles or the RPG.


  • TranZit mode – Left of the bar entrance in Town (5th stop)
  • Town/Survival – In the same location as TranZit mode


  • 2000 points

There are rumors floating around that a permanent version of Stamin-Up is obtainable by sprinting a certain amount of distance in one game. Similar to the Permanent Quick Revive, people have reported that it also carries on to the next game and so on.

Developer Treyarch haven’t confirmed this however, so try to dig something up before you go trying it.

Juggernog Perk


Everyone’s favorite!

The Juggernog Perk or Juggernaut as many zombie players phrase it, is probably the most sought after perk in the whole zombie mode. The perk allows the player to take double the basic damage, with the ability to take 4 hits from a zombie and then go down on the fifth if they come in quick succession, compared to the two hits and going down on the third when the perk isn’t active.


  • Tranzit mode – Up a the staircase in the building across from the bank in Town (5th Stop)
  • Town/Survival – Same location as TranZit mode
  • Farm/Survival – Upstairs in the house the fridge is located in


  • 2500 points

Be warned though, during the drinking animation the effects of the Juggernog Perk have not yet taken effect, so be careful of zombies surrounding you when you’re gulping.

Speed Cola Perk


Reloading fast since 1967!

The Speed Cola Perk is an old favorite among the zombies community, with the Perk available in every zombies outing Call of Duty offers to date. The Perk’s main feature is making the reloading of your weapon faster.

Decreasing the time it takes to reload by 50%, the perk comes in handy when you’re carrying a Light-Machine gun, Shotgun or Sniper Rifle, which we know takes a considerable amount of time to reload.


  • Tranzit mode – North Highway Diner beside the MP5 (2nd Stop)
  • Town/Survival – Inside the bank
  • Farm/Survival – Inside the house in front of the table


  • 3000 points

The Perk also allows you to rebuild barriers 60% faster, keeping those zombies at bay for longer. There has been no rumors of a permanent version of the perk as of yet, but you never know with Treyarch.

Double Tap II


Increase the speed those bullets enter zombie flesh……YES PLEASE!

If you’re able to take care of yourself in Black Ops II Zombies, then you will see yourself getting to those tough rounds where zombies just become a straight-up nightmare. The Double Tap II Perk works similar to the Rapid Fire attachment you see in multiplayer, decreasing the time between each bullet fired by 33%.

In Black Ops II however, it has an added feature to go along with. When firing with the Perk enabled it will convert bullets in to 2 bullets mid-flight. It has been confirmed that the original effect of Double Tap has been nerfed somewhat with this feature’s addition.


  • TranZit mode – Second floor of the barn on Farm (3rd Stop)
  • Town/Survival –  Located at the box location next to the Laundromat.
  • Farm/Survival – Same as TranZit location


  • 2000 points

This Perk will come in handy when entering the latter rounds, as zombies take a lot more fire power to take down. Even better if you’re carrying a gun with a big clip but slow fire-rate, like a Pump-Action Shotgun or Sniper Rifle.

Be wary of guns that already have a high-rate of fire, you could see your magazine clip disappear quicker than Black Ops II on release night if you don’t use it appropriately.

Tombstone Perk


I like this perk! It rewards me for my failure!

A new addition to the Black Ops Zombies family this year, the Tombstone Perk makes that horrible feeling of losing all your weapons and Perks a thing of the past. If you buy Tombstone and unfortunately get downed by the horde and nobody in-game has the decency to revive you, a tombstone power-up will lay where you deceased and will remain there given the remaining players finish the round.

Once you get back into the game you can go to where the tombstone is situated and reclaim all your weapons and Perks you had before you were downed. You will not however receive the Tombstone Perk back, this you will have to buy again.


  • TranZit mode – Located at the Power Plant (4th Stop) where the power is turned on. Once you turn on the power you proceed up the staircase, jump over the broken bridge and you will find it in the small area in the corner.
  • Survival/Town – Located in the same area as Double Tap II, across from where you can purchase Semtex grenades.

It’s possible to gain more than the 4 Perks allowed for a player at one time. By going down with 4 perks obtained and then buying the remaining Perks before you retrieve your items back, you can have all 6 perks.

The Tombstone perk machine is not available in Solo mode.

I hope this will help your Black Ops II Zombies journey go a little smoother. If you have any questions or thoughts make sure to share them in the comment section below and as always check out our Facebook page for more of today’s gaming news.

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