Hitman: Absolution – 5 Tips For The Silent Assassin

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Finding it hard?

I won’t lie, I ran swiftly to my local retailer and picked up the highly anticipated Hitman: Absolution without even second-thinking the decision. I’m sure plenty of you did the same, ready to start a journey full off gore, deceiving and smart thinking.

Some of you might be knee-deep in Purist mode already, with this tip guide not really a help to you at all. For those who can truly call themselves beginners however, we’re here to help.

To make sure we all have a knowledge filled play through Agent 47 deserves, we’ve compiled some basic tips to get you on your way to that much wanted Silent Assassin status.

Knowing Your Surroundings


Make your plan!

Hitman: Absolution is a living breathing world, full of many aspects of interaction, helping you on your journey towards your intended target. Knowing what’s happening around you can mean the difference between reaching a high rating or having that big old minus sign beside your score at the end of the level.

By using the game’s Instinct mode, items that Agent 47 can interact with will glow bright yellow, these can range from machinery, evidence,  weapons, ledges you can mantle, hiding places, targets and much more. Using these items effectively will boost that score, so make sure to keep your eye out.

The Instinct mode will also show more important targets in bright red, making it easy to distinguish between who to kill and not kill.

Don The Disguise


Fancy pants!

Disguises have always been a big part of the Hitman series, since the game’s first release we’ve seen some hilarious costumes trick enemies straight-out. Hitman: Absolution is no different, with plenty of disguises lying around for Agent 47 to don, effectively keeping you out of the enemies path.

Agent 47 will start every level of Hitman: Absolution in his usual dashing red-tied suit which keeps you from trouble in harmless public areas, but once you fray into a trespassing zone it will have ill effect at keeping you unseen. Luckily there are plenty of costumes you can obtain to keep you under the radar. Obtaining these can be as easy as finding one lying on a table or chair to subduing some unlucky fellow and taking it.

Which one you take will decide if you’re partially disguised or completely unknown so pick with care. For example, wearing a cop uniform and strolling into an area surrounded by cops will make them suspicious, while wearing a chef costume while surrounded by cops won’t garner any attention at all, essentially NPC’s will know their own.

If you find the NPC’s getting suspicious – notified by the yellow pointy thing – using the instinct feature or scattered hide spots while wearing the same disguise will help you blend in, but be wary as the meter will decrease rapidly and when depleted can lead to trouble.

Not Leaving Any Evidence


Ahhh! MY EYES!

The great sign of an assassin is the lack of evidence left after the kill, letting not one soul know of your involvement. Hitman: Absolution can help you towards doing that, but at the same time punish you for not cleaning up your mess.

There are many ways to take down a target, you can take the loud approach and run in shooting, killing everything that moves, but doing so will make your score take a major beating. If you wish to pass through an area without arousing suspicion, then using your Silverballers or any other guns might not be advisable. Shooting targets will leave a nasty blood pool, which guards or other NPC’s will notice, causing them to become suspicious.

Using the famous garrote or simply subduing a target will cause no blood pool or other residue that can land you in trouble, all you really need to do is dispose of the body and trust me, you have plenty of places to dispose of your handy work. These can range from wardrobes, bins, waste shredders, dumping over balconies, the list goes on…..and on…

Not Getting Your Hands Dirty


Seriously guys! My eyes!

If shooting and strangling isn’t your way of doing things, then you can simply slip past enemies on the way to your intended target. They’re ways to get past your enemies without getting your hands around someone’s neck.

Using items littered around the area you can pick up and throw will distract enemies briefly allowing you slip by undetected, from bricks to coffee mugs, you have unlimited choices. You can also attract attention by turning on and off machinery, luring enemies to its position, while leaving their post vacant.

Unfortunately,  if your somewhat of a pacifist, you can’t go through the whole game without committing a few kills. Every level will ask you to kill a specific target, though how you do it is up to you. If you want to keep your hands clean there will be options to make disposing of your target seem like an unfortunate accident.

Combining certain elements of your surroundings lets you do this and leaves no trace of your work. Throwing poison into a punch bowl your target usually drinks from, dropping machinery on them from above is just the tip of the iceberg of the things you can do.

If you have any wacky ways you’ve killed targets in Hitman: Absolution, make sure share them with us in the comments below.

Weapons…. Using Them Right!


Use those weapons wisely assassins!

An assassin can also be judged on the tools in which he uses to perform his trade, also giving a genuine consensus on how psychotic they are. Hitman: Absolution is like a candy shop of weapons, you will find something that suits your needs, but knowing which one can help you achieve the best outcome is the real question.

Agent 47 also rolls with his silverballers that are of course silenced, making for ideal weapons to get the up close and personal jobs done, but can also be used as a distraction method by shooting at an object, same effect of throwing objects. If you have to take an enemy out from long range then you should keep a look out for a sniper rifle, allowing you to pop enemies from a safe distance, especially if silenced.

Carrying weapons openly will garner suspicion (except for the garrote which can be carried openly without anyone noticing), so make sure to keep them holstered when you’re not using them. If you are disguised as a cop or mercenary of some sort, you can carry a weapon openly, which will save you the time and effort of opening the menu to pick a gun, I doubt you’re that lazy though.

If you want to go caveman then bricks, coffee mugs, bibles(yes bibles), magazines and other items can bash heads in. If you’re not a fan of throwing things, then keep an eye out for syringes, screwdrivers and knives, which can kill an enemy from cover very swiftly.

Hopefully these tips will get you on your way to Silent Assassin status, if you have any tips you think I missed then make sure to let us know in the comment section below. You can also check out our Facebook page for more of today’s gaming news.

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