Wii Mini Currently Exclusive To Canada

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If one new piece of hardware from Nintendo wasn’t enough for you this holiday season, then look out for the Wii Mini. Or at least look out for the Wii Mini if you live in Canada and have $100 you want to spend on an outdated console system.

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So far a Canuck exclusive, the red and black themed Wii Mini (look out Apple! Nintendo wants your branding) will come complete with a Nunchuck and Wii Remote Plus at the new bargain basement price, although the system lacks Wi-Fi. We guess that this console re-release is a way to mop up any families yet to purchase the ultimate casual gaming system, and who maybe don’t have the funds to stretch to an HD Wii U. We would also expect that the rebranded console will eventually make its way to other territories as well, perhaps after the Wii U launch excitement has died down.

It is also possible that Nintendo wants to exhaust all stock of the previous Wii model and components with the recently announced Holiday bundles in the USA and Europe, perhaps using Canada as a test market for this new mini model. Nintendo has announced however that there are currently no plans to release the Wii Mini outside of Canada. If you do live in Canada and want to pick one up however, they will be released on December 7th.

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