Jailed Bohemia Interactive Devs Send Their Thanks

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Developers Still locked up!

If you can remember back a few months then you would have seen the post on two Prague based developers who were jailed in Greece onĀ espionage charges.

The two unlucky chaps who work for developer Bohemia Interactive were arrested for taking pictures of military compounds on the island of Lemnos, gathering intel for upcoming shooter ArmA III. Unfortunately the two are still detained and have recently sent a letter to everyone who has supported them up to this point.

The pair could end up seeing 20 years in prion if they’re fully charged, but spirits are high with the two devs and are they’re both being treated fairly by Greek police. You can read the handwritten letter of thanksĀ sent to Bohemia Interactive below.

bohemia devs grrce prision letter 1

Fans and supporters are able to send the duo their best wishes through helpivanmartin.org, with messages flooding in daily. Hopefully an end can come to this whole issue more swiftly and get the boys from Bohemia home to their families in time for Christmas.

Do you think Greek officials are making mountains out of mud hills? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and check out our Facebook page for more of today’s gaming news.

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