EA Says DICE Won’t Become “Battlefield Factory”

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When you think of the popular Battlefield series, in particular over the last few years, the name DICE comes to mind quite quickly. With good cause of course, they are the developers behind the growing franchise and have always had a strong connection with the first-person shooter community. Electronic Arts does want the studio to spread its boundaries however, with EA Games vice president Patrick Soderlund saying he ‘doesn’t want DICE to become a Battlefield factory’.


DICE working on other projects!

Soderlund made the comments recently while talking to OXM, with non-Battlefield projects in development at the Swedish studio. When asked whether it was hard to justify risks like Mirror’s Edge when Battlefield is doing so well with every release, he said:

“Well it depends, right? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. It’s also important for us – the DICE guys are roughly 300 people in the Stockholm studio; not all of them are working on Battlefield things, and that’s intentional, because we don’t want to become a Battlefield factory.

The minute we start saying ‘you’re going to make a Battlefield game for the rest of your life’, they’re going to go some place else. So for them to make great Battlefield games there need to be other things for them to do as well. That’s why we have people who move around quite a bit. And then obviously we have a boatload of people who just want to make Battlefield because they love it.”

Soderlund then made comparisons to the development team behind action/horror Dead Space, “Same thing with the team in San Francisco that are making Dead Space. It’s a stunning team and they’re passionate about what they do, and they love making Dead Space. Then the answer’s ‘well, then make Dead Space’. Then we have to figure out how to sell it and make it successful.”

Since the interview, former Battlefield executive producer Ben Cousins has stated that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in fact in production at DICE, it’s not yet official so take it with a pinch of salt.

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Source: OXM

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