Top 5 Games To Download On Your PSP Go

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So last week we told you all about out current handheld hardware of choice, and how we recommended that gamers on the move need look no further than the PSP Go for their portable fix. Of course I’m sure you all took my advice and rushed out to pick up all the PSP Go systems that were clogging up second-hand shops and auction websites. Now you own your Sony powered pocket rocket though? What should you play on it? Well as luck would have it, ZKG is here for you once again, and we have made a list of the top five games on the system that you should download immediately. Oh, and whilst Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep SHOULD be on the list, just like a small amount of fantastic games, it was never released digitally. These following ones have however, and are available for silly money on the PSN store, so without further ado, here is what you should be adding to your download queue.

Little Big Planet PSP

This wonderful title seemed to be released almost by stealth, as I certainly can’t remember much in the way of an advertising campaign or enthusiasm surrounding its launch, at least in comparison to the Vita version. Unlike the newer game, this title avoids any novelty control methods and goes straight to the heart of providing a quality platform game for the PSP. The story mode is at least on a par with the first game on PS3 and seems more suited to handheld play, and is more original in many aspects as it tells its globe-trotting story.

Although the level creation aspect isn’t as fully developed as the console or Vita versions, and therefore there aren’t as many creations online to download, as a solid platform adventure game it really is without equal on the PSP, and dirt cheap as well.

Resistance: Retribution

First a small word of warning, Resistance: Retribution works better on the Vita. Whilst being a fantastic game with a deep campaign and loads of standout moments, the controls are easily the biggest hurdle to overcome, and the twin analog sticks of the Vita really come in handy here, perhaps more than in any other PSP title.

That aside however, if you do choose to download and play Resistance: Retribution on the older handheld you will still find a gem of a game, and one that is more playable and more memorable than Nihilistic’s recent Burning Skies. After a while using the PSP’s face buttons to aim becomes easier, and a generous auto-aim also helps. Thinking of the game as more of a third person shooting adventure game than an FPS certainly helps. Once you adapt, the story and its badass protagonist certainly grips you, and you are set for a good 8-10 hours glued to the 3.8” screen.

Killzone: Liberation

Killzone as a series has received what could arguably be described as a mixed reception. The first game was lauded upon its release on the PS2 as a Halo clone (even thought it really wasn’t) although more recently has been criticized in hindsight. The second title was a genuinely good FPS and the most recent Killzone 3 a mixed bag with plenty of mediocrity surrounding some solid play mechanics and a handful of interesting set pieces. It may come as a surprise to learn then that the PSP version of the game is actually one of the best out there.

Acknowledging the limitations of the host system, Killzone: Liberation isn’t a first person shooter, but instead plays as an isometric tactical shooter. Mixing the right balance of action with strategy, it is that rare beast – a portable version of an existing franchise which works really well in its new home as an entirely different type of game, while maintaining the feel and atmosphere of the original. Released way back in 2006, it is still one of the best portable games a Sony studio has ever produced.

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

Whilst brilliant in its own way, the first Pursuit Force game was frustrating to the point of making you want to physically hurt whoever designed it. The sequel released in 2007 keeps the blend of racing and shooting intact, but levels out the difficulty and makes for a much better game.

Pure arcade adrenaline, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice has you controlling a cop who races after villains in true Chase HQ style, before shooting baddies or jumping on board their vehicles. Mix up this central play style with some on-foot shooting (the only slightly wonky part of the game), on rails shooting sections and awesome boss battles and you have a portable essential. Oh, it still looks great as well – and is currently half price on the PSN, making for a deep console experience for a mobile game price.

Wipeout Pure

I would argue that Wipeout has always worked better as a portable game, and the first PSP title is still the best of the bunch in my opinion. Wipeout: 2048 is a great game on Vita and its graphics truly impress – however there is almost too much detail for a fast paced racing game. In comparison, the minimalist graphics of Wipeout Pure really work well on the smaller screen and combined with the slightly slower pace make this a much more pleasurable experience on the go.

Wipeout Pure was one of the first games released on the PSP back in 2005 so it is surprising just how good it still looks, and of course sounds. If one game could be described as summing up the essence of the PSP, then Wipeout Pure is it. As an added bonus the game only takes up 310mb of space, meaning there is plenty of room for the title on your 16GB PSP Go.

In addition to these classics, there are tons of other great games that work really well on the Go, including both Everybody’s Golf games and of course the God of War titles, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta – if you haven’t already picked them up in the PS3 collection of course. In addition, PSOne classics actually work even better on the PSP’s smaller screen than on the PS3, and the Final Fantasy games, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 2 and 3 are all amazing games to play on the handheld dynamo. Let us know below if you are a fan of any other games on the PSP, and we will help spread the word!

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