Black Ops II Zombies- How To Turn The Power On!

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So you did the sensible thing then! You went and picked yourself up a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II from your local gaming retailer. If you’re like me then you mostly bought the damn thing to play Zombies and agree there’s something very rewarding about killing what has already been killed. If you’re new to the whole zombies scene then you’ll find yourself in some difficulty starting out, soon learning that power is a zombie killer’s best friend and knowing how to turn it on more than essential.


All I want is a hug!

Unfortunately it will take more than just a flip of a switch to get those all important perk machines up and running, with Treyarch’s zombies department deciding to turn the task into a dangerous yet enjoyable adventure.

The Green Run Tranzit Mode consists of five different locations, which are Bus Depot, Diner, Farm, Power House and Town. The items you need to turn on the power can be found at Power house thankfully, so no need to be running around the map like a headless chicken. When you start the game at Bus Depot, make sure to raise some points for the journey ahead and have a somewhat decent weapon to assure your survival en-route.


Where the power is tuned on!

Take the creepy looking bus and jump off at the third stop, the first thing you will notice is a small wooden gate and behind that a small shed, which when opened leads to where the power is switched on. Before you enter you will notice an AK74u on the side of the shed for 1000 points, not a bad weapon to be carrying, so pick it up if you’re still blasting with a pistol.

When you enter the really white surroundings – seen in the picture on the right –  of Power House you need to pick up three items that will allow you to have power, these are the Circuit Board, the Switch and the Zombie Arm. All three items can be found within the vicinity, sometimes changing position when starting a new game, but never that far from where they were previously. Once you pick up your first item, take it to the workbench found in the only room present, as only one item can be carried at a time. Do the same with all three items and when they’re combined you will be presented with a switch, turn on that bad boy and presto, you have power.

Be warned though, this will unleash a highly irritating electro zombie that makes life on Tranzit a nightmare, but can be dealt with if you turn the power off.

Hopefully this makes your zombies experience more enjoyable. If all this Tranzit nonsense isn’t your cup of tea, then make sure to pick up a Black Ops II Season Pass and avail of the Nuketown Zombies, which releases as Downloadable content this December.

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