Google Is Making More Money From Ads Than All U.S. Print Media Combined

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Whether you think this news highlights how successful Google has become or how much trouble the U.S. print media is in (maybe both), it’s still shocking to hear it. What you ask? According to Statista, “in the first six months of 2012, Google raked in $10.9 billion in ad revenue, while the whole U.S. print media (newspapers and magazines) generated $10.5 billion from print advertising.” If you want to make it worst, the reports points out that Google has only been around for 14 years, while print media in the U.S. has been around for over 100 years.

Now before we beat this dead horse even more, the report does state that “Google operates globally”, and we’re comparing those numbers to that of only print media in the U.S. Even still, the numbers from the U.S. represent “all U.S. print media (newspapers and magazines).”

For more information, check out the source link and chart below.

Source [Statista]

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