Black Ops II Stats Will Not Reset After Game’s Launch

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If you were one of the many who bought a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II before its official release, then you may have been worried all your hard work might be reset when the game eventually launches. Luckily for you that isn’t the case, with game design director David Vonderhaar confirming that players will not be penalized for buying the game legitimately before release.


Who’s ready for some battling?

Vonderhaar made the comment through his Twitter account, when prompted the question regarding the possible resets, he said,

“Unless you are a bad person doing terrible things, no.

“Enjoy the game, services will be spotty as we prepare for the official launch,” adding that “it’s a rolling start. Expect bounces the new few days as we bring up extra services.”

Vonderhaar also encouraged gamers to read through the recently released  Black Ops II Security/Enforcement policy, which gives you a heads up on how not to get banned.

Let us know in the comment section or our Facebook page if anything crazy happens at your Black Ops II midnight launch event, we want to know!

Via: MP1st

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