Assassin’s Creed III – So You Want To Be A Master Assassin? [TIPS]

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If you’re like me, then you have already purchased your very own copy of Assassin’s Creed III and started your rewarding journey towards master assassin status. You will also know that such a journey is full of danger, be it the evil Templars standing in your way or the dangerous wilderness the Frontier offers.


Are you a master assassin?

Because one does not like to see a fellow assassin falter, here are some essential tips that will help you stay away from the clutches of the Templars, British and all the scallywags between and help you prosper into the assassin you were always meant to be.

Ways To Bring In The Dollar


Money can make life a lot easier…….obviously!

Money has always played a large role in the series and Assassin’s Creed III is no different, with your income providing the option to buy weapons and gadgets for Connor himself and also allowing you to upgrade your ships and estate, helping towards your fight against the Templars – who always seem to be well-funded.

There are many ways to put money in those empty coffers, with some methods a lot easier than others. The simplest comes from looting or pickpocketing your foes, yes it is a grind but once you see how much money you start bringing in it ain’t that bad, even more rewarding when you loot from high value enemies.

If impatience sets in however and you want to make cash faster, then a bit of effort is involved and one way is to head out into the Frontier and hunt some wildlife. If you happen to come across the occasional deer or even a wild bear, then taking them down and skinning the spoils of your kill can be a major money-maker… me, pelts mean dollar money!

If hunting isn’t your thing then searching for loot straight out can fill those virtual wallets fast. The Assassin’s Creed III map is covered with treasures just waiting to be found and some are very generous indeed. If you come across one of these chests – usually guarded by Redcoats – make sure not to pass it by, with thousands in cash only a picked lock away. They also include supplies that can be sold or put into crafting which you can then sell for an even higher price, it’s really up to you.

Building your estate and selling supplies to merchants is an obvious approach to revenue, especially if you know what you’re doing. Keep your eye out for the Homestead Icon, usually not found far from the estate itself, giving you the option to add settlers to the surrounding area. These settlers can trade and make goods with you, which you can then sell on for some extra cash.

Not the most exciting feature, but you got to put food on the table and keep them hidden blades shiny.

Not Dying In Battle


The gore is beautiful!

Staying alive is obviously the most important factor in Assassin’s Creed III and how you conduct yourself during a battle will determine your fate. Like the previous Assassin’s Creed games, how you win a fight is mostly based on timing and knowing when to back off and run.

The game bolsters some easy enemies that you can dispose of with merely your fists, while others can be a handful. How you win fights will mostly rest on one button however, that being the Circle/B. This button has two actions, one by holding down and parrying attacks from the enemy and another by pressing it at a precise time to counter an attack, thus entering a slow-motion sequence in which allows you to do a range of attacks.

However, later in the game you will start to encounter enemies who can shrug of your attempts to counter and take a little bit more work to break down – we’re talking about you axemen! By pressing the X/A button you can break the defense of these tougher enemies and the start hitting them with shots, this also disarms the opponent during your counter attack sequence, making it even easier to dispose of them.

Sometimes however you may find yourself outnumbered and the best option is to pack up shop and run. Yes it may seem cowardly for an assassin, but you can always return and plot your revenge, taking a different strategy and deciding to pop them off one by one with a pistol?

The world is your killing field.

Getting Around Faster


Some balls!

The lands surrounding Boston and New York are not small, it will take some time for you to get from A to B. There are however many ways to get to your objective faster, be it the scenic route or the simple press of a few buttons.

The most efficient way to get around is the use of the fast travel feature, available when moving from objective to objective. This method can keep you from getting distracted by the many features the frontier offers, a good move if you want to get the storyline over and done with fast. If you decided to take a more scenic route, then climbing trees and scaling cliff faces can a take minutes off your journey. By simply pressing R1/RT to run, Connor will run up anything that can be climbed, while holding X/A or Circle/B  it will make fences and other small objects easier to jump, not breaking your stride which comes in handy while being chased.

Assassin’s Creed III as you know features changes in season, with the terrain changing from the freshness of spring to the bitterness of a snowy winter, which makes getting around even harder, so taking to the trees will be your best bet if the depth of snow slows you down.

Everyone says dog is a man’s best friend, but in AC III horses come first, even more so when you find yourself running through open areas with nothing to look at, it’s best to find one of the many horses found in small settlements scattered throughout the map.

May walking be a thing of the past!

Hunting The Frontier’s Bounty


Pelts for sale!

Hunting is a new feature to the Assassin’s Creed series and has many advantages if you decide to track the plentiful wildlife the Frontier offers. Of course it isn’t an easy task to hunt wild game and takes some skill if you want the best bounty and all the profit that can be made from it.

The Frontier is divided into many hunting regions, with four different types of animal included in each region, providing more a larger selection when exploring the map. If you’re having trouble finding animals to hunt, then watch out for the many clues scattered across the land, when interacted with show the location of a certain animal. You can also use your eagle sense to pick out the color and shape of animals through the thick bush.

Like most wild animals, they make themselves scarce once you come in contact, so sneaking up on your kill is the key to success. Using either a tree to air assassinate or placing bait in a bush and wait for them to mosey on over will always work well, with the latter offering the chance to take the animal down with your bare hands and not damaging the pelt.

When you do eventually start tracking animals, you will notice that some offering better spoils and much more profit. With rabbits, foxes and badgers among the smallest game, these tiny animals can be captured using snares and bait, but don’t offer much in supplies and disappear if not collected in time. If you want to make a real killing, then taking down, cougars, bears, deer and elk will tickle your fancy, offering larger pelts and much more supplies to use in crafting or to sell on for some serious coin.

Getting Your Sea Legs



The chance to explore is never more true in AC III, with not just land offering plenty of freedom, but the unexplored seas surrounding New York and Boston can also be your playground.

First off, controlling your ship is a key thing to learn, as certain aspects of nature would like nothing better than seeing your beloved ship sink to the bottom of the ocean. The ship has two levels of speed and full stop. Half sail will allow you to keep moving at a swift speed but have more control of the boat’s maneuverability, which is important when battling other vessels and moving in and around the many large rocks scattered about.

Full-sail will have your boat hitting top speed and is a handy way to get from A to B fast. Be wary of wind change however, as entering full sail doesn’t give you the maneuverability of half-sail and you could find rogue winds pointing your ships towards a nice shiny cliff face. The use of speed and how nimble you can be are learned fast, so don’t fret, you will be a master commander in no time.

Controlling your vessel and stopping it from being blown out of the water is a different story all together. Yes, you will face off against other boats, with cannons being your main weapons, both big and small. Your enemies boat will be in firing range once it is to your side, if it’s in range of the highlighted area then fire away, but make sure you hit, cause if you miss you will find yourself prone to attack. You can soften the blow by pressing the Square/X button, allowing you and your crew to brace for impact.

Holding down R1/RT will make your shot more accurate if you need to shoot over a distance, compared to when they are up close and personal. If you find yourself surrounded then remember they’re cannons on both sides of your vessel, so waiting to reload isn’t an option.

Holding down the L1/LT button will operate the swivel cannon, which comes in handy for those small hard to hit boats. Simply aim it at small ships and when the reticule turns red you can fire away, this method can come in handy when waiting for your main cannons to reload. You only have a limited time to take the shot so be quick about it!

If you wish to upgrade your ship, then you can do so by interacting with the book beside where you dock your ship. Upgrading allows you to add more cannons to the ship, improved rudder, steel ram for the front of your vessel and much more – it will cost you a pretty penny though!

Hopefully all these tips will guide you on your way to the title of master assassin! If you have any tips you think can help out then share them in the comment section below!

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