Sony Embracing Free To Play Model – Makes Developers Happy

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If you have switched on your PS3 at any point in the last couple of weeks, you may well have noticed a strange new Singstar icon under the ‘Games’ section. Although you may have no intention of ever launching the app, it does point towards a surprising new direction for Sony, that of Free to Play. As well as offering the Singstar core game for free (and of course charging for songs and microphones), Sony has been beta testing Dust 514, a FTP first person shooter which will be supported by micro-transactions and it’s actually pretty decent.

Dust 514 – the free to play future?

These in-roads into a new pricing model has excited many developers, who believe it could rocket Sony into the number one slot for home consoles. The boss of Crytek studios, Cevat Yerli, in particular had a lot of good things to say about Sony’s new direction when he spoke to industry website MCV.

“Sony making that game is a great step forward, and they should be applauded. If Sony embraces free-to-play as a major way for PlayStation, that could be the key console.”

David Reid of CCP who has developed Dust 514 agrees:

“It’s natural that the console challenger is going to be more ambitious and take more risks than the leader.

Last generation I was at Xbox and we were having our arses handed to us. And Xbox was the one that was trying to do crazy things with Xbox Live and so on. Five years later, things have changed and now Sony is being more aggressive. It is a cyclical business and it feels like we’re coming around to another big turn again.”

What do you guys think? Is Free to Play something you would like to see more of on consoles? Let us know below.

Source: MCV

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