[UPDATED] NBA 2K13 MyTeam/Online Gameplay Tips And Strategies

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So as you can imagine I play a lot of video games but even I have the ones that I just can’t seem to put down. Right now my current addiction is NBA 2K13’s MyTeam mode. While it still has some bugs and things that needs to be fixed, overall I really enjoy the mode and the competition. Since every game in MyTeam mode is played online you can’t afford to take any games off. It’s not easy as the competition gets more and more difficult as you climb up the seeds. I’ve gotten pretty good at the game and wanted to share with you some my tips and strategies for winning in the mode and online overall. The focus of the post is the MyTeam mode itself but a significant portion of this advice will be applicable to standard online play as well.
Update: We’ve put our our NBA 2K13 MyTeam All Value squad, a list of very solid players that all cost less than 500 VC each, a great tool for folks who are just starting out. Check it out here.

Building A Solid Team

When you start out, you only have enough money to access Bronze level players and while these guys aren’t superstars, it is important how you set up your team. Since for the most part, nobody else has a team full of stars either then it ends up being pretty even. More than anything, this part of the game is a numbers game, when nobody is that good, a few rating points can make all the difference. Another important thing to remember is not to caught up in positions, they don’t matter. You are trying to put the best team you can on the court and if that means some folks play out of position then so be it.

In nearly every game I’ve played its come down to a few key issues, the ability to avoid turnovers, shoot/defend the three and rebound. If you can  master these things then you will be competitive in every game. The key issues are important because they drive the team that we put on the court. A key thing to remember is that from the very start of MyTeam mode, you can buy and sell players from the market. You will of course want to start players that fit your playstyle of course, but I’ll share with you one of my pretty balanced lineups that I used a lot early on and won a lot of games with.

PG Raja Bell

SG Harrison Barnes

SF Al-Farouq Aminu

PF Hakeem Warrick

C Enes Kanter

Why that lineup? So Raja Bell is underrated as both a passer and shooter and he has decent size for the point. Barnes is athletic, can shoot, and rebound. Aminu shares pretty much all the qualties as Barnes but is an even better rebounder. Warrick isn’t a superstar, but against the majority of other big men you will come up against, he’s by far the most skilled in the post and while his rebounding isn’t where you might like it, he’ll still grab his fair share. Kanter is a name that a lot of folks don’t know, he’s an excellent rebounder and a solid scorer in the post but he won’t win any footraces. I’ve seen a lot of people start Andre Drummond at the C spot and I could understand why. He’s freakishly athletic and a decent rebounder. My problem is that Kanter is a much better overall player than he is and thus gives you the best chance to win. But what about the bench you say? Glad you asked.

Your bench is really important because no matter who you come up against, they’ll have to sub their guys out the same way you do eventually. In terms of my bench, I have Patty Mills coming in as my sixth man for one reason, the boy can shoot 3’s. Once you get past the early rounds in Road To The Playoffs, you can NOT win if you can’t shoot and defend the three. You’ll want to bring somebody like Corey Brewer in to backup at SG, he’s long so he can play solid D, athletic enough to get out on the break and just pretty well-rounded. At this point, I actually put in somebody like Bismack Biyombo. He’s very athletic and while normally he’d be a liability at this spot, with the way people play online he’s another guy that can run the break and gives you some added rebounding. The four and the five gives you some flexibility, personally I’d go with Chris Wilcox at the PF and Drummond at C. Wilcox is a solid rebounder and has an above average post game and Drummond is there for all the reasons I noted earlier. As a backup I love him, I just wouldn’t start him. From there you can fill out the other spots the way you see fit.

Don’t Play Players, Play Teams

As I mentioned before, when things start off you are pretty balanced in terms of talent. With that said, you will run into folks that have paid for players and thus will have a few superstars on their team. When you see a lineup with Lebron James in it, your first thought is to think “man I have to stop Lebron”. That kind of thinking will get you beat more times than not. Instead, focus on the matchups that you may have an advantage in and think about ways to exploit them. In terms of handling a team with one superstar or 3, the formula stays the same, play the team and not the players. You’ll find that players that have one superstar on their team will overcompensate for that fact by trying to get him the ball way too much. nba-2k13-myteam-raja

This will most times mean that the guy is going to have the majority of the other teams points but it also means something else that works in your favor. He will get tired faster and stay tired which ultimately makes him easier to stop. Your job is remain discipline and not try to overcompensate by double teaming every time he gets the ball or playing him overly aggressive and putting him at the line. A big mistake I see all the time is folks going for the steal when a guy goes up to shoot, the problem is that it hardly ever works and you get called for fouls which gives good players easy points. Instead, try to stay in front of guys and let the contact animations do what they were designed to do.

Change It Up

When I say change it up, I’m talking about your defense. One of the things that novice players don’t understand is that if you show your opponent the same defense the whole game, you might as well give it up. It’s important to show them some man to man, zone, and press. Sometimes the situation will call for it and other times I find it helpful to just randomly change it up to give them different looks. By constantly changing the defense you can make sure that they never get comfortable assuming that certain spots will also be open.

If you are getting killed in the post area, a 2-3 Zone should help clog the lane up. I usually like to close the half in a full court press, it’s a great way to up the ante on your opponent and possibly create some easy turnovers. Be careful though, if you are not careful your opponent can pick up easy baskets. Every defense has advantages and disadvantages, experiment with them to find out how to use them best with your style of play.

Learn To Shoot The Three

As I mentioned earlier, if you can’t shoot the three then you have no chance of winning once you get into the later seeds. Turn on shoot feedback and learn the right release points for your best three-point shooters. Three pointers serve a lot of different purposes in MyTeam mode and in any game for that matter so its important to understand the situations. If you are up by 7 points, a three gets you up by 10 and that’s double digits. There is something mentally draining when you are down by double digits, do your best to be on the right side of this equation. The three can also be used to “check” the other player.

By checking I mean that if your opponent hits two threes and you come back and hit two of your own its more likely he’ll back off and expand his strategy because he knows you can go toe to toe with him. If you can’t fire back and connect then you are doomed. Finally, threes are daggers late in games and quarters. At the end of the second, hitting a three to close the quarter is a great momentum builder, especially if it puts you up double digits. At the end of a game, when you are up by say 5 points with about 1:30 left to go, a well-timed three can be enough to put you ahead for good. From there, all you need to do is hit your free throws.

Slow It Down

When you are in a MyTeam game the action can get outrageous and you can quickly find yourself all over the place. The key here is to not get carried away. Once you are up by 7-10 pts, don’t get baited into playing at the ultra high pace that a lot of folks like to play at. Once you get up, SLOW it down. The quickest way to blow a lead is getting tricked into a fast paced game when you are up. Play your game, run your offense and get open shots.

By far though, the biggest thing that needs to happen is that they need to get a handle on the folks who are just buying their way to superteams. I respect folks right to buy players but if you can’t afford to you shouldn’t get beat by someone with less skill just because they could.  It’s getting ridiculous, especially on PS3, its to the point where almost every team you face has Lebron, KD, and Howard at a minimum if not an All-Star at every spot.  That doesn’t encourage a balanced playing field and if they can’t keep it balanced then they will find folks giving up on the mode. I could go on and on folks but I won’t. I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you all some tips that have helped me. Feel free to hit up the comments to not only let us know what you think of the post but to share your tips and strategies. Also, we want to know your favorite lineups to play with.

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