PlayStation 3 Update 4.30 Gives And Takes Away…

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One of the great things about modern internet-connected consoles is their ability to constantly update their OS, adding new features throughout the life of the hardware. Anyone who remembers the early days of the PlayStation 3 will recall a console without trophies and in-game access to the XMB, the lack of which now would seem ridiculous.

One of the most requested features for the PS3 in recent months has been the ability to view Vita trophies on its big brother machine. As it stands at the moment the two systems are weirdly separate, with users able to view both Vita and PS3 trophies on their handheld, but not the other way around. That all changes with firmware upgrade 4.30 for the PS3, due out worldwide later this week. The new update will add the functionality to view trophies for both systems on the PS3, although Vita owners connected through wi-fi or 3G will still not be visible as online to other users (something we still hope comes in a future update).

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The update doesn’t just bring good news however, as one of the PlayStation apps that you may have ignored for a few years has now been removed. Life with PlayStation offered a series of global news facilities, as well as incorporating the Folding@Home application which allowed idling users to contribute to medical computations and help in the fight against cancer, amongst other illnesses.

The Folding@Home project was a great success however in the years it was available to PS3 users. According to Sony, over 100 million computation hours in total were submitted by 15 million separate users.

What do you guys think of the upcoming update? Will you be sad to lose Life with PlayStation, or will you be too busy checking out your buddies Vita trophies to care? Let us know below.

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