After Only One Month, iOS 6 Is Now On More Than 60% Of Apple Devices

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When it comes to software updates, Apple just does it better than Android. I hate to say it to the Android faithful, but it’s true. Chitika reports that following the release of iOS 6 on September 19th, it only took 24 hours for 15% of iOS devices to be converted over, and only two weeks to achieve 50%. Fast forward a month later and now iOS 6 is on over 60% of all devices on iOS.

Chitika states,

iOS 6 growth has decidedly leveled out over the past week, although it still is growing. Since our previous study on October 2nd, 2012, iOS 6 gained nearly 10% usage share, now constituting 61% of all iOS traffic. We expect small gains for the OS in the coming weeks, with the possibility of iOS 6 usage touching 70% once adoption peaks. The upcoming release of the iPad mini will likely accelerate this process.

For more information on the adoption rate of iOS 6, check out the graphs below.

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