DayZ Screenshots Show Off Building Interiors

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When DayZ came on the scene a while back, not many knew of the zombie game’s existence, with it only being a mod for tactical shooter ArmA II. After its sudden burst of popularity, it didn’t take creator Dean “Rocket” Hall long to announce a standalone version of the mod, something that has fans more than excited. To show fans how the development is coming along, Hall released some crisp looking screenshots of some interior improvements we can expect.

dayz mod logo 1

Standalone version will be crisper!

“In these screenshots the greater range of buildings that now have interiors is displayed, from the large office buildings, to the hospitals, metalwork factories, through to small cottages,” said Hall.

“Certainly, we think there will be some compelling events occurring the stairwells of the Hospital’s and office buildings!”

Hall also touched on vehicles in the standalone version, “Next week we start the final phase of our data migration, which will then result in some new screenshots demonstrating some Take on Helicopter vehicles ported over, giving DayZ access to many types of vehicles from military helicopters, to fire engines, police cars, and all the military and civilian vehicles you are used too from ArmA II.”

One big feature everyone will be hoping kicks major ass will be the zombie AI, hopefully a lot better than the mod version, endless death through walls made for some frustrating gaming sessions. For now though we only have these awesome screenshots, check them out below.

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