Sleeping Dogs Only $25 This Weekend On Steam

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Now there are great deals and then there are GREAT deals. This my friend I believe falls into the latter category. For this weekend only, ending Oct. 22 you can pick up a PC copy of Sleeping Dogs on Steam for only $25. If you haven’t played it or been on the fence, I’m advising you to pick it up. Right now, its right there in my running for GOTY, it’s that good and with an upcoming story expansion it is only going to get better. Don’t believe me when I say Sleeping Dogs is that good? Read my Sleeping Dogs review of it and you’ll have no doubt. The deal would be sweet if it was just the game that was 50% off, but it’s not. Check out all the things for the game that are also 50% off this weekend.sleeping-dogs-ps3-gal


Go old school with a killer look and ride straight out of the 80s! New hair, accessories, clothes and boots are combined with an iconic kung fu van. Everyone will know you are big trouble on the streets of Hong Kong


For fortune and prosperity, 20 envelopes stuffed with cash are scattered throughout Hong Kong. Find them all and you’ll net a cool 1 Million HK dollars


Boost your Cop, Face and Triad Experience Points to earn respect fast and gain new abilities. Gives you 5,500 Triad, 3,000 Cop and 3,000 extra Face Experience Points. For the ultimate upgrade combine with the Top Dog Gold Pack


Earn major respect by boosting your Cop, Face and Triad Experience Points and gaining new abilities. Gives you 8,250 Triad, 4,500 Cop and 4,500 extra Face Experience Points. For the ultimate in upgrades combine with the Top Dog Silver Pack


Want that fast-track to the in-crowd? Look like the real deal with the super-fast, luxury Tuono vehicle and High Roller outfit. Plus, with an extra $200k to burn you can be sure to get ahead and get noticed. Please note this pack gives you early access to the Tuono vehicle and the High Roller outfit, these items can also be earned through the normal game progression

If you interested and after reading this I know you interested, hit this link and go pick up yourself a great game and at an awesome price!! Oh and if you pick it up, make sure you come back and let us know what you thought of it.

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