DmC Devil May Cry US Pre-Order Contents Detailed [VIDEO]‏

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Dmc Devil May Cry will be hitting stores early next year and will be releasing with a brand new take on the series, including a revamped Dante. The game will also be launching with a nifty collection of bonus content if you decide to put your name down and pre-order. With it will also come the power of choice as GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon are each offering different content when you pre-order DmC Devil May Cry at their respective locations.


Which pre-order content do you have your eyes on?

So what kind of bonuses will Dante have when he is hip-hopping around Limbo City? You can see for yourself in the educational videos and descriptions shown below.

Gamestop – Samurai Pack

Transform Dante’s Shotgun, Scythe and Axe into solid Samurai devastation! You’ll also start out with free upgrade points to instantly upgrade weapons and combos or purchase items from the beginning of the game.

Best Buy – Golden Pack

Transform Dante’s Shotgun, Scythe and Axe into glistening gold instruments of death! Plus access to the Item Finder, helping you hunt down hidden items.

Amazon – Bone Pack

Transform Dante’s Shotgun, Scythe and Axe into precision crafted Bone weapons. Plus access to the Orb Harvester – Upgrade and enhance Dante’s weapons and combo perks faster.

Having options are great, which one to choose is the problem. Will you be picking up DmC Devil May Cry on January 15? Let us know in the comment section below and hit up our Facebook page for more of today’s gaming news.

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