Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Detailed A Little Further

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While most of us will be making preparations for lengthy gaming sessions for Call of Duty: Black Ops II on consoles, others will be waiting in anticipation for Black Ops Declassified which is releasing for the PlayStation Vita handheld. Developer Nihilistic will launch the game sometime this fall and recently spilled some juicy details in a Q&A with Sony’s Social Media Manager Sid Shuman, the results of which have been posted on the PlayStation Blog – touching on the storyline and multiplayer features.


May be on a smaller screen but still packs a punch!

Nihilistic’s Studio Head, Robert Huebner was the man answering the questions, first talking about how much they have achieved since showing the game of at this year’s Gamescom.

“Gamescom seems so long ago. I think the most noticeable thing is a significant visual upgrade; a richer color palette, more detailed models, and better lighting overall, said Huebner.”

He then moved onto weapons, with fan favorites such as suppressors, extended mags, underaction grenade launchers and different optics all included. He did however mention some new attachments, such as an improved grip for more accurate shooting and adjustable stock which gives full movement speed while using Aim Down the Sight, nifty stuff!

As for the Black Ops Declassified single-player mode, gamers can expect, “intense and replayable objective-based missions”, with Huebner also saying, “the goal is to give the player the experience of striving for the “perfect run” through each mission.” The game will also feature survival missions which will pair gamers off against waves of enemies, if these enemies are zombies or soldiers, we don’t know.

Multiplayer will also feature in Black Ops Declassified and with it the ability to play 4-on-4 matches across 6 different maps on a range of modes. It might not seem like much, but for a portable game it’s more than you think. Gamers will be able to pick from 12 perks, including Hardline, Marksman, Sleight of Hand, Lightweight and some new ones such as, Surplus (extra starting ammo and grenades), Hardwired (immune to Counter Spy Plane) and Toughness (reduced flinching when shot).

So there is plenty to be excited about with Black Ops Declassified, with the Vita having a bit of trouble wowing the market this is just what it needs, a seriously popular franchise releasing a new game for the handheld and not one that is just a re-hash of the console version.

Black Ops Declassified will release sometime this fall, will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comment section below or head over to our Facebook page for more of today’s gaming news.

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