5 PlayStation Games That Need To Be Remade

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Being a gamer and an avid one at that, I’ve come across a lot of titles in my 14 years of gaming. Even though I’ve been tied to one console, the PlayStation has always served me well, delivering amazing titles from its humble beginnings and onwards to this present day. Just like all great memories, we all end up reminiscing of events gone by, right?


Delighting people for years!

So why not look back at what the PlayStation One gave us and the classics that hurled us into the video game universe, but more importantly – the classics that undoubtedly deserve to be remade on the consoles of today! Unless you have the majority of the year free, we can’t fit all the eligible titles on the list, so we will name five titles worthy of a remake. Make sure to leave your suggestions in the comment section below or our Facebook page!

5. Destruction Derby



Destruction at its best!

As far as racing games go, there is a lot of different types within the genre, from racing sports cars beside sunny beaches, trying to conquer the Formula 1 championship or shooting missiles from the front bonnet of your weaponized hummer, there is always something for everyone. Back in 1995 gamers had Destruction Derby, a fast-paced, in your face slobber knocker of car metal screeching off car metal.

Developed by the now Ubisoft owned Reflections Interactive, Destruction Derby allowed gamers to race on sharp cornered tracks with more of a chance of breaking down than finishing the actual race. The mix of good AI opponents, large amount of game modes and super cheesy sound effects made for some good racing action.  So what makes it such a good candidate for a remake? Though the remake of single-player could be solid, the multiplayer portion is where it could really shine, like most racing games online, everyone’s in it purely for the rivalry – add heaps of destruction to it and it might just get people’s attention. Also we would be looking at the obvious graphics improvement, which would take the destruction scales to a completely different level.

If Destruction Derby was to make a comeback it would more than likely have fans waiting to embrace it with open arms, it’s the developers and publishers that might have a problem doing it as there are already similar titles in the market. You never know though, we’ve seen worse titles come back from the dead.

4. Dino Crisis



Nothing to see here … Move along please..

Dino Crisis made its way onto the scene in 1999 to commercial success, selling 2.4 million copies worldwide, which was more than developer Capcom expected. The survival horror title told the story of the Secret Operation Raid Team sent to investigate a research facility on the fictional Ibis Island. As the game’s title suggests, you run into some trouble of the pre-historic kind and the story of survival really begins.

Given its success on the PlayStation One console, it spawned a few more installments, ending with Dino Crisis 3 on the PlayStation 2. So why hasn’t the series made it to the consoles of today? It could be the slump in sales as the series progressed, bullying from other games or Capcom just lost interest in the series. If the game was smacked with the tech of today it could truly shine. Think about it, horror, guns, DINOSAURS! What game out today has that on the menu?

Dino Crisis does have its own cluster of fans, even if they’ve retreated underground and indulge in what similar series Resident Evil has to offer, given a new release they would more than likely re-surface to play once again. With the original being the 13th-best-selling Capcom game ever, some money could be made as well, it’s really down to the kids born after its inception that could make or break it.

What do you think? Should the PlayStation 3 embrace chaos of the large-toothed kind?

3. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver



An instant Classic

Even though Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver presents itself as a action-adventure title, many who play it for the first time don’t know what to make of it. Even if people are met with confusion at first, after getting down and playing the title they find themselves reluctant to put the controller away. I wouldn’t blame them, Soul Reaver was and still is a brilliant game, a definite classic among retro gamers who now and again still pop the bad boy in for a nostalgic gaming session. Which brings us to the thought nearly everyone is thinking … why haven’t they released a new installment or even better, a remake!

If you have trouble remembering the ins and outs of Soul Reaver, gamers controlled Raziel, a vampire-turned-wraith in his late hundreds shifting between the material and spectral planes of existence seeking revenge on infamous Kain for killing him. The game mixed puzzles with a hack and slash system usually ending with a killer finishing move, which was big back then.

With today’s developers up to their teeth with new tech, many improvements could be made if Crystal Dynamics decided to revisit the fictional world of Nosgoth? With the story drifting in and out of the normal world and a completely different dimension, the developers could really get creative and give gamers great contrast, with color and terrain. Also an improvement in the hack and slash mechanic, taking a page from the Devil May Cry series might go down well, with it adding more arcade feel.

I’m not the only one talking remake, not long ago news of a reboot made its rounds in the media, even if the reports were thin it still means the game is not as far off a remake as many might think. I say bring it on!

 2. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee



The most unlikely hero!

“Hello … Follow me”, if you heard this during your childhood then you or your parents decided to be epic and go out and buy you a copy of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee.  Gamers took on the role of Abe, a Mudokon slave worker tasked with saving the majority of his race from the ruthless Molluck the Glukkon in a  two-dimensional world, sounds reasonable as usual. Gameplay involves the player going from screen-to-screen saving as many Mudokons as possible while dodging the many different enemies scattered along the way.

The title hit shelves back in 1997 and was developed by the talented hands of Oddworld Inhabitants, with the last installment of the series released back in 2005. Developer Just Add Water has confirmed a HD re-release of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is indeed on the cards, continuing the popular trend of old games getting a visual refurbishment. This hasn’t stopped some fans from asking for a true remake, one that holds to the same story but gives a whole new gameplay mechanic, something a little less two-dimensional. So what exactly could they do to make Abe’s journey through the plains of Oddworld feel fresh?

First off would be the transition to three-dimensional space, for a more modern feel, then would come the massive graphics overhaul, which would show the amazing characters the game bolsters in great detail. A remake could also bring an opportunity to kick-start the series again, with plenty of fans back in its heyday, if a remake was to perform well then we could see a few more come after. Even if it released as a download via the PlayStation Store, I’m sure a few Mudokon fans would empty their wallet for a chance to play as Abe once again.

There’s no certainty that a remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is on the horizon, only a small hope a developer somewhere holds the passion to take a fresh stab at the series. Would you like to see a remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee? Let us know!

1. Final Fantasy VII



Gaming childhood in a nut shell!

Before you even pressed your way into this post you knew this gem of a game would feature and with good merit it should. No game has touched the hearts of so many, bringing the storytelling aspect of gaming to a completely new level in its time, dragging every emotion possible from the gamer while delivering some epic gameplay the likes of no other.

If your memory is a bit foggy on how Final Fantasy VII panned out, it follows the story of  ex-Soldier Cloud Strife who joins the ranks of Avalanche, an outlaw group hell-bent on destroying the Shinra corporation and everything it stands for. This sets you off on a journey to the far reaches of Gaia, ending up in some weird locations and meeting some new characters that tag along for the ride. The gameplay wasn’t to shabby either, continuing with the turn based battling previous installments bolstered, pairing you off with some ungodly creatures, from houses to small blobs of goo, nothing at all was in the norm. The original game came with four disks, so you knew from the get go it wouldn’t be a short game, instead becoming more of a project, one you took great finesse in completing.

With it receiving some stellar reviews from critics and still the talk of the town nearly 15 years after its release, many are still calling for a remake, one that can call the consoles of today home. We know the PC is receiving an HD re-release of the game, but fans are still hoping a more detailed version will release down the line, one that embraces the technology of today. We could see a major improvement in many areas, a better use of camera angles, like we’ve seen in recent Final Fantasy releases. We could also see the use of voice actors as the original game was all boxes of text with sound effects and a memorable soundtrack, maybe even lending the voice talent from the Final Fantasy: Advent Children movie.

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada really summed up why they’ve not yet gone ahead with a remake, saying in June this year, “we’ll only consider a remake once a brand new game in the franchise exceeds the quality of that found in Final Fantasy 7.” We might be waiting a while then…

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