Google Does “More Spring Cleaning” As Services Are Discontinued

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On Friday, Google revealed to the masses that they would be discontinuing several more services that were previously available. In their exact words it’s stated as “today we’re winding down a bunch more features—bringing the total to nearly 60 since we started our “spring” clean last fall.” Those services getting the ax are: 

  • AdSense for Feeds
  • Classic Plus
  • Spreadsheet Gadgets
  • Places Directory
  • +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools

Other services, which are a bit luckier, will be merged into existing services. Those services are Insights for Search and Google storage in Picasa and Drive. Insights for Search will merge into Google Trends, while Google Storage for Picasa and Drive “will be consolidated over the next few months.

Hopefully none of the axed services were important to your daily Google experience. If they were, maybe the change and rationale will suit. For more information, check out the source link below, which has the complete spill on Google’s Spring Cleaning in Fall.

Source [Google]


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