Sony Announces PSN Day 1 Digital, Download Top Games On Release Day

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Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC has announced a new digital content program called “PSN Day 1 Digital,” offering gamers the ability to download upcoming titles through PlayStation Network on the same day they become available at retail. Beginning October 2, PS3 owners will have access to brand new titles in the ‘PSN Day 1 Digital’ category in the PlayStation Store, and beginning today, PS3 owners can pre-order select titles ahead of their release date. Additionally, select titles will be offered at a 10% discount to PlayStation Plus members.psn-day-1-digital

The “PSN Day 1 Digital” program will offer day and date release with retail availability for the following PS3 titles:

  • Resident Evil 6 (Available for download on October 2 – $59.99)
  • NBA 2K13 (Available for download on October 2 – $59.99/$53.99 for PLUS members, with pre-order)*
  • Dishonored (Available for download on October 9 – $59.99/$53.99 for PLUS members, with pre-order)*
  • DOOM 3: BFG Edition (Available for download on October 16 – $39.99/$35.99 for PLUS members, with pre-order)*
  • 007: Legends (Available for download on October 16 – $59.99)+
  • Medal Of Honor: Warfighter (Available for download on October 23 – $59.99)
  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Available for download on October 30 – $59.99/$53.99 for PLUS members, with pre-order)*
  • Assassin’s Creed III (Available for download on October 30 – $59.99)*

While I think that this is great move and a big step forward, this would be really impressive if you could pre-download the games and then have them “unlock” at the appropriate times similar to what Steam does. I mean its nice to be able to download the game as soon as its available at retail, but for this to truly be compelling they have to come up with a mechanism to help gamers who pre-order avoid the wait once they download it.

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